Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why I changed my mind...

I do not do this often! This must really be an exception. It’s hard to believe I did this, but the fact is I did it. This time I know I have taken the right choice. The feeling is all positive about it. I have finally decided to join the IT industry after many brainstorming sessions. The decision was obviously not easy. I took a lot of time and advice from a whole lot of people from various professions and spanning across the country. Thanks to everyone who supported me all the while and helped me come to a conclusion. What I finally gathered was that work itself takes a major part of our lives. I will be involved in it for half the day for the next few decades. Thus it just can’t be something which I don’t enjoy doing. If I don’t enjoy doing my work, my life as a whole will suffer, including my personal life. So it’s a decision which I should take judiciously, not be influenced by anyone or material gains like the salary amount for example. Its tempting no doubt, and thats why I had initially decided to join ICICI. But I understood over time that its not worth it after a while. I must enjoy my work, and I love IT. Its been my childhood dream to work in the IT industry. I don’t think I should have deviated from that dream in the first place. Its good that I took the right decision at the right time.

So guys wish me luck as I join the IT bandwagon. Hope to find some juice out of it.

The next F1 season will be exciting. Can’t wait to watch it. Also would love to watch the movie “Ajab prem ki gajab kahani”. Will review if its good J